The Nexus has Fallen (YA Science Fiction). Completed.

Cole’s village—destroyed. The unintelligent villagers he loved—dead. And it won’t end there. The Malkum—a rogue think-tank—hunt humans whose intelligence has re-evolved since the Malkum instigated the Genetic Apocalypse. In a desperate attempt to prevent genocide, he searches for a legendary rebellion.

When he finds the rebellion, their army stands behind a corrupt general—one Cole must topple. And the rebellion has lost control of the only weapon they have—the Nexus, a mind-altering tool that hides memories and alters loyalties. Now the Malkum know where to find the rebels. And they’ve also discovered the rebellion has stolen the only copy of the world’s data—the Archive.

After developing a new virus, the enemy demands he surrender the Archive and the rebellion’s army. Cole must choose whether to save the world from another pandemic, or from the Malkum’s tyranny.

Complete at 95,000 words, THE NEXUS HAS FALLEN (YA Science Fiction) combines the empathetic leadership of Orson Scott Card’s Ender Wiggin with mind-altering weaponry reminiscent of Total Recall.


Eloq’s Lightning (YA Science Fiction). Manuscript completed. Third revision in progress.

ELOQ’S TEMPLE (YA-Sci-Fi), complete at 52,000 words, is set in a culture similar to tribal Native America and has series potential. It incorporates a fantasy-like setting with plot twists reminiscent of The Maze Runner.

Cordenqua’s village fights a never-ending holy war with the neighboring heathen tribe. Anxious to prove himself as one of Almighty Eloq’s warriors, Cordenqua charges into battle on the eve of his fifteenth birthday and accidentally causes his father’s death. Consumed with grief and guilt, and despised by his fellow villagers, he runs to Eloq’s Temple knowing the God will strike with lightning any who enter. Killer of Father, traitor of faith and tribesman, he leaps through the archway to his certain death.

But…Nothing happens.

Uncertain why Eloq spared him, he searches the Holy Writ and finds an ironic prophecy concealed between two pages sewn together, foretelling the destruction of his false religion. As he investigates his people’s sacred traditions, he learns the religion was fabricated by a mysterious enemy to keep them in perpetual war for some unknown purpose. Before Cordenqua confronts the Creators of the false religion, he must convince his spiteful villagers their sacred faith is false and to follow him to Eloq’s Temple before they die in meaningless battles. However, as he begins his trek back to the temple, he is sentenced by the village holy man to die for his blasphemy, and he must rely on those he’s convinced to free him from the people he seeks to save.


Death By Gravity (Science Fiction). Half-way completed.

Constantly threatened by an abusive father, an uncaring mother, and the crushing force of an incoming black hole, thirteen-year-old Alvin Stone’s only solace is diving headlong into theorems, axioms, and proofs. Yet when Alvin’s once-dead brother returns, and Alvin learns he’s the sixth clone of Albert Einstein, even physics and mathematics aren’t as simple as they once were. Forced against his will into a top-secret governmental program, Alvin must choose whether to fight the system that enslaves him, or save the world from the black hole–Mortem 57.


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